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Wide Open Technologies
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North Carolina


Design & Development

Your website. It’s the most important touchpoint because it’s the main hub that brings your brand’s digital personality to life. You already know it’s an extension of your company and brand values, and that it needs to be memorable. From micro-animations to its look & feel, every element of your brand website has the potential to make a lasting impression. To do this, we create intuitive user experiences based on human behaviors and market insights to take people on a unique journey throughout their digital path to purchase. What does this mean for you? More online sales, more website traffic, and more quality consumer interactions with your brand.

Our design process is cyclical and collaborative. We’re extremely agile and you’ll be involved along the way so you get the website you’re dreaming about for your brand. And of course, our marketing team is poised to craft web copy that will increase your website’s search engine ranking (i.e. SEO optimization).

Once you’re happy with the interface, our super-smart developers will implement the design and be there to support you after launch.

  • Information Architecture

    Organize and structure site content to create a logic-based design
  • User Flow Mapping

    Mapping a user’s journey through a website or application to create meaningful experiences
  • Wireframing and Prototyping

    Create visual representations of information in the context of an interface
  • Visual Designing

    Create a visual design by applying a brand look and feel to the context of a website, product dashboard, or mobile app